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This recipe shows how to implement an async binding in SwiftUI. Just like a regular Binding, async binding creates a two-way connection between a property that stores data, and a view that displays and changes the data - except that those changes are expressed with async blocks.

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This quick recipe shows how to implement a Combine map operator that takes an async block. To do this, you need to:

  1. Use Task to run async code in a sync context.
  2. Use the Future publisher to publish the new value the Task is completed.
  3. Use flatMap to transfer from your current publisher to the Future one.

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Reading time: 11 min

Here you can find recipes for common tasks you need when working with the new Swift 5.5 concurrency model.

Where applicable, there's before and after comparison that shows how things where done before async/await (mostly with GCD) and how they can be done now.

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