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This quick recipe shows how to set custom locale, calendar and time zone on a SwiftUI DatePicker and MultiDatePicker.

The end result looks like this:

Screenshot%202022-08-05%20at%2018.06.13 Screenshot%202022-08-05%20at%2018.06.43

To do this, use different environment modifiers on your DatePicker or MultiDatePicker:

  • \.locale to set a custom locale.
  • \.calendar to set a custom calendar.
  • \.timeZone to set a custom time zone.

Here's an example of how to set a date picker for Japan, using Japanese calendar at Japanese Standard Time:

DatePicker("Date picker", selection: $date)
  .environment(\.locale, Locale(identifier: "jp"))
  .environment(\.calendar, Calendar(identifier: .japanese))
  .environment(\.timeZone, TimeZone(abbreviation: "JST")!)

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