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Here at, we're proud to announce the SwiftUI Recipes Companion app!

This FREE app allows you to view community-sourced recipes and includes an XCode Source Editor extension, allowing you to insert the recipe code straight into your own!

You can preview its content and functionality using our online companion!

Check out the project Github page for more info!


Choose from a rich selection of SwiftUI recipes, that range from simple tasks to entire custom components:

Companion App

Then, simply insert their code straight into yours via the Editor menu:

Companion App

  • Download and install the app from the App Store.
  • Run the companion app first (search Applications -> SwiftUI Recipes). It'll fetch the list of recipes from Github and allow you to preview their content/code and exclude those you don't want in your Editor menu. After you're done, be sure to press the Save button.
  • Go to System Preferences -> Extensions -> Xcode Source Editor -> Select Helper (with SwiftUI Recipes app icon).
  • Run Xcode and find it in Editor -> Recipes -> .... Pressing any recipe command will insert its code at your cursor. There's also the special Run Companion command that will start the companion app again.
Contributing Recipes

All the recipes are open source and live in the Recipes folder in the Git. Any contributions are more than welcome!

To contribute a recipe, simply create a PR with a new recipe file. A recipe file is a yml with the following structure:

title: "Title of the recipe, as it'll appear in the App/Extension"
description: "Give a short description of the recipe here."
author: "Your name or email address."
url: "Optional, URL to more details on the subject."
image: "Optional, URL to the image accompanying the recipe. Feel free to include the image in the PR."
updatedAt: "ISO-formatted timestamp of the latest recipe update."
minSwiftUIVersion: Minimum SwiftUI version that supports the recipe, e.g 1, 2, 3
maxSwiftUIVersion: Optional, if the recipe got deprecated in a newer SwiftUI version.

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