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This recipe is a cheatsheet on all the possible SwiftUI Gauge styles, as well as how to set tint and all the labels.

You can see the cheatsheet below and the takeaways here:


Gauge is available starting in SwiftUI 4 (iOS 16, macOS 12.4).

Here's the code used to produce the view shown above. As you can see, Gauge views were configured to their fullest extent, with a label, currentValueLabel, minimumValueLabel, maximumValueLabel, style and tint.

struct GaugeViewCheatsheet: View {
  @State private var current = 33.0
  @State private var minimum = 20.0
  @State private var maximum = 60.0

  var body: some View {
    VStack(spacing: 20) {
      embeddedGauge(title: "Default") {
        gauge.gaugeStyle( DefaultGaugeStyle())
      embeddedGauge(title: "Accessory Linear") {
        gauge.gaugeStyle( AccessoryLinearGaugeStyle())
      embeddedGauge(title: "Linear Capacity") {
        gauge.gaugeStyle( LinearCapacityGaugeStyle())
      embeddedGauge(title: "Accessory Linear Capacity") {
        gauge.gaugeStyle( AccessoryLinearCapacityGaugeStyle())
      embeddedGauge(title: "Accessory Circular") {
        gauge.gaugeStyle( AccessoryCircularGaugeStyle())
      embeddedGauge(title: "Accessory Circular Capacity") {
        gauge.gaugeStyle( AccessoryCircularCapacityGaugeStyle())

  private var gauge: some View {
    Gauge(value: current, in: minimum...maximum) {
      Image(systemName: "sun.max")
    } currentValueLabel: {
    } minimumValueLabel: {
    } maximumValueLabel: {
    .tint(Gradient(colors: [.green, .yellow, .orange, .red, .pink]))

  @ViewBuilder private func embeddedGauge<StyledGauge: View>(
    title: String, 
    @ViewBuilder gauge: () -> StyledGauge
  ) -> some View {
    VStack {

Here are the takeaways from the cheatsheet:

  • .linearCapacity is the .default style.
  • Only .linearCapacity/.default and .accessoryLinearCapacity show the label view.
  • All styles except .accessoryCircularCapacity show the minimumValueLabel and maximumValueLabel views.
  • All styles except .accessoryLinear show the currentValueLabel view.
  • Gradient tint is is applied vertically to .linearCapacity/.default and horizontally to .accessoryLinear and .accessoryCircular. In the case of .accessoryLinearCapacity and .accessoryCircularCapacity, only the first color of the gradient is used.

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