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This recipe shows how to change or remove row padding (insets) in SwiftUI List.

The end result looks like this:


To make this happen, use the listRowInsets modifier on the List content view. Don't place the modifier on the List itself or its superviews, or else it won't work.

@State private var top: CGFloat = 0
@State private var leading: CGFloat = 0
@State private var bottom: CGFloat = 0
@State private var trailing: CGFloat = 0

var body: some View {
  List([, .green, .blue, .yellow, .orange, .purple,
        .pink, .black, .brown, .cyan, .gray], id: \.self) { color in
      .listRowInsets(EdgeInsets(top: top, // HERE
                                leading: leading,
                                bottom: bottom,
                                trailing: trailing))

If you want to remove the padding completely, just pass empty EdgeInsets:


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