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This recipe shows how to change row and header height in SwiftUI List.

The end result looks like this:


OK, the recipe is quite simple. You use EnvironmentValue named defaultMinListRowHeight to set, well, default minimum list row height :D. Similarly, you can dictate the height of section headers with defaultMinListHeaderHeight.

Here's some code that allows you to set both via Sliders on a grouped list:

@State private var rowHeight: CGFloat = 40
@State private var headerHeight: CGFloat = 60

var body: some View {
  VStack {
    HStack {
      Text("Row height")
      Slider(value: $rowHeight, in: 40.0...80.0)
    HStack {
      Text("Header height")
      Slider(value: $headerHeight, in: 60.0...80.0)
    List(1..<5) { section in
      Section("Section \(section)") {
        ForEach(1..<3) { row in
          Text("Row \(row) of section \(section)")
  .environment(\.defaultMinListRowHeight, rowHeight) // HERE
  .environment(\.defaultMinListHeaderHeight, headerHeight) // HERE

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